wpbakery Page Builder free activation

How To Activate Wpbakery Page Builder Plugin 

wpbakery is the most popular WordPress Drag and Drop page builder plugin used to design website pages without wasting your time. wpbakery Page Builder is a premium plugin which needs to buy from  Company to use it for your WordPress website.

How To Install Wpbakery Page Builder

In either to use this page builder, you need to Install it and Activate it for your website or blog. But keep in mind that Wpbakery page builder is a premium plugin which is not available in WordPress repository, you will get this plugin with a premium theme or you need to buy it from Company.


How to Use Wpbakery Builder:

After this Create a Page in WordPress website and Clik on the edit page to View further setting. In edit setting section you will find Classic editor and Frontend Editor by Clicking Classic Editor you will see BACKEND Editor by clicking Backend Editor you will see All Layout setup to start Your Page.

How to Activate  Wpbakery

wpbakery page builder is with WordPress theme By default it means that you can’t update it for the latest version without Serial Number Key ACTIVATION. But in this article, there is a method of how to activate wpbakery page builder.

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Activated vs Non-Activated Wpbakery

If you want to design page using Wpbakery its easy by layout section. But there is a simple difference between Wpbakery activated and non activated.

Activated Version:

Activated version is updated with the latest features from the plugin developer. In case there is an Update available you can simply update it 

Non activated Version

But you can’t update the non-activated version because it needs an activation key to proceed further.


Copy This Below Link To Activate Wpbakery Builder


After installation of this activated version form this link you will find the latest update of Wpbakery and get the latest features.


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