Approve Non-Hosted Adsense

 Approve Non-Hosted Adsense Account

Earn money online is an easy way that’s why people are coming wants to earn money online. Online platform for earning money online is YouTube, Blogging, Freelancing, etc. As a new user join blogging and YouTube to earn money it needs Adsense account to show ads on your YouTube channel or blog to earn money online. In this article, we will cover the Approve Non-Hosted Adsense account.

What is Adsense?

Adsense is old and every time best service to place ads on your youtube channel And blog. Adsense is a free service owned by Google. To Approve Adsense account you need to fill some approval factor by which you can approve Adsense account easily.


Why Google Adsense Account

According to other ads publishing platform like, Infolinks, Propeller ads etc you will find Google Adsense best of all due to its Consistency and High Paying.

Bloggers Choose Google Adsense because Google Adsense is very Reliable with a customer that’s why google Adsense have Lots of Happy customers, earning money from their home just by placing ads on the website and Youtube channel.

Google has pro and cons also If we think to choose google Adsense for the website it contains some factor if you can pass it you will GET Approval to place ads on your website.


Adsense Account Rejection Some Common WAYS

According to Adsense approval time and rules Google Adsense not approve site having in Sufficient Content, Design and Site optimization, Site doesn’t match with Adsense term and policies.

You will See Some Question related to Adsense Account Approval

  • How to Approve non-hosted Adsense Account?
  • How many time does it take to approve Adsense Account?
  • Tricks to approve Non-hosted Adsense account for the blog?
  • How to Approve Adsense account easily?


Important Factors To approve non hosted AdSense For Blog

Below we share some important factor by following you can get Google Adsense to account Approval very Easily.


Important Steps:

  • Custom Domain
  • Clean Design
  • Premium Template
  • Traffic
  • Privacy Policy About Us Page
  • About Profile
  • Long Blog Post
  • Unique Content

Custom Domain

Most importantly you require a custom domain to approve  Non-Hosted Adsense account. Custom domain does not mean a subdomain like, and so on.

Custom domain means that domain which you need to register it on your name Like is a custom domain with .com extension and others like .net, .ml, .uk, etc. Google gives high priority to a premium level custom domain so in the event that you need to approve non-hosted Adsense quickly the important thing is Domain.

Clean Design

The second important thing in the list is the Clean/Simple design of your blog, From clean design, it means the design which is easy to use, effective, not boring. At the point when the Google check your site for Adsense its must to have a clean design which will help you to approve your Adsense Fast.


Premium Template

Another imperative thing in the list is premium Template. Premium template means you can purchase your favourite template from one of the template web pages and transfer it to your blog. Premium template demonstrates your ownership to your blog.


The most important thing for Adsense is traffic. You require traffic/visitors to apply for Adsense account. If you have traffic and Google Adsense group check your blog then its positive point to approve Adsense.

If your blog contains high traffic Google will give priority because of the google requirements. The most extreme movement you have the greatest individuals will see google promotions and that is way Adsense account will support quickly.


Use  Privacy Policy, About us, Contact us  pages.

As per blog requirements The Privacy policy, Contact page, About us, Sitemap page is the most important thing to appear on your Blog.

Moreover, these pages will help the visitors to get access to you easily. What’s more, if Google sees these all pages on your blog they acknowledge your blog for Adsense account and show ads.


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Use About Profile 

Utilize your profile picture with some kind of profile in your blog. It means Your Google+ or blog profile in a blog that individuals will contact easily and it will likewise a simple approach to approve Adsense account.


Long Blog Post 

When you compose your blog post keep in mind that your blog contains a larger number of articles more than 1000+ words.

Start your blog with an introduction then some discussion talk and after all these points write your article in easy steps which will easy understandable for everyone.


Unique Quality Contents

After all these steps the important one is Quality Contents. One of a kind and quality contents is the way to rank high. In case your blog catch as copy-paste materials then your blog won’t acknowledge for Adsense accounts.

So it’s very important to post high-quality contents on your blog and then apply for Adsense account for your blog.


From the above, all step it’s clear that if you want to approve Non-hosted AdSense account for your blog you need to follow these steps.


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