Famous Bloggers in Pakistan And Their Blog 2020

Famous bloggers in pakistan: Blogging is trending and one of the best way to earn money online. Peoples from everywhere in the world are coming to blogging and need to begin their career as a blogger online to Make Money. In article, we will discuss the top 5 famous bloggers in pakistan.

As other nation people coming to blogging, Pakistan is one of the best countries where people are interested in the IT field to join and work in Online fields Freelancing and blogging

There are lots of bloggers some people doing Affiliate Blogging, Auto Blogging and Event blogging but From Past some days, I look Pakistani bloggers Profession to make the list of top 5 Successful Pakistani bloggers.

SO in this article, I will share the list of Top 5 famous bloggers in Pakistan Bloggers And Their Blog.

So here is the list of Famous Bloggers in Pakistan and Their Blog


  • Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
  • Amir Iqbal
  • Abdul Wali
  • Ammar ALi
  • Aamir Atta


1. Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is a Professional Blogger and Seo Expert from Pakistan. He is the best 1st Effective blogger in Pakistan and the owner of Registered blogging organization STC network.

He began his online career from 2008 on Blogger Platform and then after passing some time he monetize his blog and start making money online.

His popular blogs name

  • www.Mybloggertricks.com
  • www.Smartearningmethods.com
  • www.richincomeways.com


2. Amir Iqbal

Aamir Iqbal is a rising star in the fields of blogging from the last couple of years. He is popularly known as SEO Guru From Pakistan.

Aamir Iqbal is VB Developer after some time passing he leaves that Job and start Blogging as his online career in 2006.

He also Shares information about the technology and also SEO tips for newbies in the form of Ebooks to learn and start blogging.

His well-known blog name  www.greenhatworld.com 


3. Abdul Wali

Another most popular blogger from Pakistan is Abdul Wali is a Web Engineer and Professional blogger.

Abdul Wali is an Online instructor at udemy.com and generates huge amount from  2015. Wali  Khan starts his online career in the year 2009 from a blogger platform and then he started making money after some years.

This man is a Motivation for newbies and for the people who want to start blogging or any other online career.

Because Abdul wali is uneducated and makes himself able to learn new things and learn how to survive in the society and today he is a Millionaire

Abdul wali’s blogs

  • www.onlineustaad.com
  • www.onlinetuting.com

4. Ammar Ali

Ammar is a youthful and most skilled Pakistani blogger. He began his online career as a blogger in the year 2011 from high school. After 4 months of beginning his blog, he gets the attention of many visitors and produces high traffic from search engine.

His Successful blog name www.Allbloggingtips.com


5. Aamir Atta

Aamir Atta is another the most popular blogger from Pakistan. He starts his online career from blogging in the year of 2008.

HE starts Propakistan blog which contains all the data on Technology, Telecommunication, Mobiles reviews and broadband.  Aamir was awarded much time in Pakistan for his trending and most popular blog.

His popular blog name www.propakistani.com


These are the top 5 successful bloggers of Pakistan which star career online from blogging and today they earn handsome money online from Home using their blog.

If you are the one who wants to start an online career Go and visit their blog to learn how to blog and learn the Importance of blogging i hope You will like this Article.

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